The Coolest Sites To See Across The World

We are all aware of the Seven Wonders of the World and their splendor but surely with how advanced we are becoming and with the power of technology there must be newer and equally as amazing experiences to be had around the world. Well it’s our lucky day as the next big thing in wonders is now!

Recently architect Sir Norman Foster released a bold and exciting plan to construct a SkyCylce. The idea of this to be able to view London’s eclectic skyline, from the Shard to St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Tate Modern, and all whilst you cycle three stories above the street on an elevated pathway. The idea of having a structure similar to New York’s High Line was one that sent the Internet into a buzz, even if it is over 15 years away from happening!

In the mean time there are plenty of other exciting man-made wonders and tourist attractions that use modern architecture to create something truly wonderful and unique. Here we have listed a few of the must-see 2014 attractions that can compete with even the most ancient sites out there.

Guangzhou Circle, China

This is the world’s highest circular skyscraper and it makes for an eye-catching first impression. It might have received a lot of attention for its donut-esque looks and as being a “flashy rich people’s circle”, but the Guangzhou circle is definitely a modern wonder. Soon visitors will be able to take in the giant 164-foot hole from restaurants inside of it and they will also be able to see how the skyscraper reflects in the water of the Pearl River that it was built by. This reflection forms an intentional figure eight, which is considered lucky in Chinese mythology and adds to the joke that hopefully it won’t be rolling away anytime soon.

Glacier Skywalk, Jasper National Park, Canadian Rockies

So this might seem like a pretty daunting challenge as the Skywalk gives you unobstructed views down past your feet and into the valley 918 feet below you! This wonder definitely isn’t for the lighthearted, especially as the walkway juts out 100 feet from a cliff.

Funtasy Island, Indonesia

Funtasy Island is due to open this year and is already winning praises for its eco-luxury design. Developers are looking to preserve 70 percent of the archipelago as a nature sanctuary and introduce an aviary trail, Water World Park, restaurants and much more into this 810-acre tropical environment. It will truly be an obscure and unique park or should we say island to visit.

Cinecitta World, Rome

Rome may be known for all sorts of beautiful architecture but now it is set to have a theme park! The park itself is movie-themed and although it has been much delayed it is finally open. It has been a $700 million project that has been designed by Oscar-winning production designer Dante Ferretti and has everything to keep families entertained from rides to restaurants and retail.

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